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Tony's Barber Shop has three separate Barber Shop premises located in Greater Manchester.  You are welcome to pop into any of our Barber Shops for a trim or new style.  If you prefer, please call your nearest Tony's Barber shop to discuss your requirements.  We look forward to talking to you and seeing you soon.  For directions to a specific Barber Shop, please click on one of the location buttons on the left of this screen, thank you.


Tony's Barber Shop - Old Trafford

6 Talbot Road

Trafford Bar

Old Trafford


M16 0PF

0161 877 5722


Tony's Barber Shop - Cheadle Heath

234 Stockport Road

Cheadle Heath



0161 428 2304


Tony's Barber Shop - Davenport

130 Bramhall Lane




0161 483 7791


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